Friday, March 18, 2011


How many of you have been out eating and afterwards realize there was little something leftover in your teeth?  And then even worse you realize you have nothing to get it out with?  I know this has happened to me before on more than one occassion.  I remember scrambling to find something to get it out with.  Well, I have found the solution to this problem for us all.  It is a wonderful product called BrytonPicks!

I know you may be asking what are BrytonPicks?  Well , the best answer comes straight from their website.

BrytonPick is a string-free, portable and reusable dental space cleaner. The flexible edges are 
as thin as dental floss. Designed for use after every meal, BrytonPick brings relief to an 
everyday problem by easily removing food stuck between the teeth. Also, it replaces all 
improvised and unhygienic "items" used in an attempt to remove pieces of food from between 
teeth, such as: paper clips, business cards, matches, or finger nails.

Now the website shows pictures and videos of ow to use them properly.  He is a picture of the proper way to use it.

Here are the instructions they give you about using the product:

• Keep the mouth open in a smiling position 
• Gently insert either-end between teeth
• SLIDE between teeth INSIDE - OUT
 Cleaning edges may bend to adapt to your interdental shape
• Cleanse with napkin, tissue or hot water
• Store BrytonPick in its credit card size carrying pouch
• Use only as directed. Age 10 and up

They are even recommended to use with braces.

I was allowed the opportunity to review a 3-pack of BrytonPicks.  Now on their website they warn that it can be tricky to use at first so I was nervous bout that.  I was worried I might cut my lip or gums but I had no problem using them as long you follow directions.  (But is that not the same with anything in most cases).  I loved that this is easier to keep up with than dental floss. I also loved the fact that it comes with its own carrying case and all you have to do is wipe it clean after each use.  It can not get any simpler than that.  

BrytonPicks is a must for the person on the go or the person who has a lot of lunch or dinner meetings.  Honestly I think these are for everyone.  A 3-pack like I received can be purchased on their website for $4.99.

Now I know some may be saying dental floss is cheaper but remember each one of these are reusable for 30 days as long as you take care of them properly.  So I think they pay for themselves and then some.

* I received the above product for review.  This review is completely honest and is completely my own.


The generous people at BrytonPicks have allowed me to offer 3 of my followers the opportunity to each win a 3 pack of BrytonPicks like the one I received.  Check back in to find out the entry rules and to enter this giveaway.

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