Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Recently I have shared with  you all bout my ongoing battle with my weight .  Well, I am going to post my progress and tips and reviews about working out and weight loss every Wednesday or at least try to I should say.  Now I had planned on sharing how much weight I was losing weekly but I went into my bathroom today and realized something was terribly wrong..  My "ancient" scale was no longer reading right.  In fact according to it I was well under my ideal weight by like fifty pounds.  Now do not get me wrong I was tempted to keep it! LOL  But I decided I would only be hurting myself so I let go of a good friend today.  So now I am currently on the prowl for a new scale.  So hopefully next week I can update you all on my actual weight loss.  So far I really do not feel like I am losing , much but I refuse to get discouraged.  So I would greatly appreciate if my readers could offer me some encouragement and / or the name of a good scale for me.  So check back every Wednesday for reviews, tips, and my progress.

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