Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I recently visited a very neat website with some of the neatest t-shirts. The site is Tee Wit.  They have such cute shirts for babies, toddlers, parents, and grandparents.  They have amazingly funny baby onesies.  Here are some of the sayings for the shirts that I wish I had had when my kids were babies:

There are tons more to choose from.  You have to go to their website and check out some of the funniest baby onesies.  They also have cute toddler shirts and the people at tee wit were kind of enough to send me a shirt for my youngest child.  Now I searched through the shirts but once I saw the below shirt it was a no brainer for me to get it...

My youngest one fights sleep more than any kid I have ever known.  So this shirt fits her to a tee.
This site also not only has shirts for babies and toddlers.  They also have shirts for moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. 

 The very generous people at Tee Wit sent me a shirt as well to review.  Again I scrolled through the shirts and found the perfect one for me.

I chose this shirt cause my fiancee makes jokes bout the fact that I am a few years older then him.  So I wanted to make sure he remembered that I am not that old (I mean come on I am not even in my thirties yet).

Now one of the cool things bout the website to me is the grandparents section.  They have tons of gifts for grandparents with possible every form of any name for grandparents from mamaw to nanny to yiayia and several several other names.  This is definitely the place to get the proud grandparent a shirt at especially since this is the first website that I have seen some of these names at.  

There are also shirts for the godparents and step parents and maternity wear.  

Now the shirts are good quality shirts and are really soft.  I have washed them both several times and there is no peeling on the print.  So these shirts are definitely worth the money plus they are thoughtful gifts for a family member.  I am definitely planning on getting some members of my family one of these shirts for Christmas .  Also have some exciting news:


The very generous people at Tee Wit has decided that one of my lucky readers should also get to experience their shirts.  They are offering a $20 gift certificate to one of my lucky readers.  This giveaway will start this week on GIVEAWAY FREE-DAY so check back in later this week and enter for your chance to win.  These are awesome gifts so don't miss out.

* I received the above mentioned products and that is all.  The opinion is mine and is completely honest.

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